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Iconic Passion Drive (lucknow- Nepal)

The Gang of Dusters is gearing up for the 2nd international Iconic Passion Drive from Lucknow to Nepal. Get ready to witness adventure at its best as the gang indulges in exciting activities like mountain biking and boating, along with sightseeing and an entertaining cultural night.

Terms & conditions

  1. Please review these official T&C before participating in the road trip
  2. This expedition is only valid for registered members of the Gang of Dusters (G.O.D)
  3. Renault India has the full discretion to disqualify any participant misbehaving/indulging in offensive/obscene/hurtful acts
  4. Renault India reserves the right to change dates or conditions of the road trip as per their discretion, but the same shall be informed to the participants well in advance
  5. The route map is broadly identified from Lucknow-Gorakhpur-Chitwan-Kathmandu-Pokhara - Lumbini-Lucknow
  6. The event is scheduled for 9th - 17th November 2017
  7. The event registration closes by 30th October 2017 or once 20 vehicles have been registered on first come, first served basis, whichever is earlier


  1. General Terms
    1. The Gang of Dusters expedition (the 'event') is NOT A RACE or a time trial. Participants must not compete at any level with each other or other road users. Anyone found indulging in this act will be disqualified immediately from the event, and no refund will be made
    2. All members must understand the nature of activities involved in the adventurous drive. While Renault India (the event organiser) would provide necessary safety measures to the extent possible, it is the responsibility of every member for his/her safety. Participation in the event would be at the sole discretion of the member, and Renault accepts NO responsibility whatsoever
    3. With regards to adventure sports, the decision to include/exclude any individual solely rests with the event organiser. The event organiser or any of its partners will not be held responsible for any untoward incident that may occur. Individuals below 17 years are not advised to participate in adventure activities
    4. Wherever a Group Booking is made, all persons booked under the lead name of the booking agree to the T&C set out here
    5. Only a Renault DUSTER car shall be driven in the expedition. A vehicle with reliable mechanical and electrical systems, good brake, tyre and battery condition, is recommended. All vehicles must be individually licensed/officially permitted for the road and comply with the legal requirements of cars used on public roads in India. A Letter of Authority for the use of the vehicle must be produced from the owner of the vehicle in case the owner is not a member of the event convoy. It is compulsory for the vehicle to have a valid comprehensive insurance coverage policy
    6. The accompanying service team will be only responsible for fixing the vehicles on the spot, that too, under normal circumstances, discounting any natural calamity, etc. if possible. Any further delay or repair work will be undertaken by the participant at his cost; and may result in segregation from the convoy
    7. You cannot participate in any other vehicle than the one registered under the G.O.D program
    8. If a vehicle is bound to go off route as per the owner's/participating team's discretion, the event organisers reserve the right to disqualify with no refund from that point on
    9. Accommodation/lodging & boarding, venues etc. are subject to change without prior notice
    10. In case of medical assistance required by a participant, the accompanying medical team will try and provide the necessary support within their means and the medical supplies and equipment available with them, subject to the participant continuing to remain with the convoy. The medical team may take a decision to transfer the participant to the nearest appropriate medical facility, using any terrestrial or aerial means. Decisions will be based only on the medical aspect and the respect of the health regulations in vigour, either to hospitalise the participant in a nearby medical facility, before envisaging transport to the nearest hospital/facility at the nearest town. The information of the patient's regular doctor, often important, may help the medical team to make the most opportune decision. In this regard, it is expressly stated that the final decision concerning the medical interests of the participant, rests with the medical team. In case where the participant refuses to follow the decision considered as the most opportune by the medical team, they discharge the event organisers of all responsibility, notably in the case where the participant returns by his/her own means or in the case where the participant aggravates his/her own health. They may, therefore, not make any claim to be refunded, any expenses incurred. If the health of the participant causes in the conditions indicated above, the medical team will decide to transfer them or repatriate them, the event organisers will assume the task of transfer. In such an event, cost of the transfers will be borne by the participant. This transfer may be done by any of the appropriate means (local vehicle, official's vehicle, light medical vehicle, ambulance, scheduled flight, ambulance plane) and if necessary under medical surveillance. Only the medical interests of the participant and the respect of current health regulations will be considered when choosing the means of transport used. All medical costs incurred (consultation, medication prescribed by a doctor or a surgeon, medical costs decided by the medical team), except the medical assistance by the accompanying medical team, shall be borne by the participant
    11. The safekeeping of the participant's vehicles will remain the sole responsibility of the participants. In case of a breakdown in the participant's vehicle, the accompanying service team will try to carry out possible repairs within their means and the spares and equipment available with them, subject to the participant's vehicle continuing to remain with the convoy. In case of a major breakdown that cannot be repaired, the event organisers will use their best efforts to arrange for a recovery vehicle to transport the participant's vehicle to the nearest point where repair facilities may be available. In such an event, the cost of the recovery vehicle will be borne by the participant. The event organisers will not be under any obligation to arrange for alternate vehicles or transportation for the participants to continue in the expedition and no request for refund of charges for the remaining journey will be entertained
    12. All participants are responsible for calculating the fuel range of their vehicles and must refuel their vehicles at the commercial fuel pumps en route basis fuelling schedule defined by the organisers
    13. The event organisers shall not be responsible for any delays or alterations in the program or expenses incurred - directly or indirectly - due to natural hazards, accident, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, landslides, political closures or any untoward incidents
    14. Other than the personal accident insurance coverage, the event organisers will not take any insurance policy covering any other risk. Participants are advised to seek their own insurance coverage if they feel appropriate. All baggage and personal property/s at all times will be at the participants' risk & responsibility, and participants agree that organisers will not be in a position to guard or protect their belongings at any time
    15. Adventure sport activities would be conducted under the supervision of professionals. Decision to participate in any adventure sports-related activity is on basis at the sole discretion of the participant. Similarly the event organisers can't be held liable for any unfavourable incident arising out of the participation in any such activity
    16. Every participant is expected to be medically fit to travel to Nepal - journey covering locations. We assume that he/she has consulted a doctor before participating in such an event involving extensive road travel
    17. Participants have to ensure that their DUSTER cars are in order for such an extensive drive on rugged terrains. On 9th November a vehicle check up camp would be set up wherein every car would be checked to match the parameters. Cars that would not be in order would either be required to be fixed that very day or would not be allowed to join the convoy. In such case, a refund would be made after deducting 5% payment processing charges plus the accommodation charges at Lucknow
    18. Visa and vehicle permit's process would be initiated by the Organisers, however, every individual has to be physically present at the Visa/Permit office to complete the formalities

  2. Participation
    1. This event/expedition is only open for the registered Gang of Dusters members
    2. Members can register for the expedition by paying the applicable charges in full and completing the related documentation as specified in the registration form. Registrations will be closed on 30th October 2017 or once 20 vehicles have been registered on first come, first served basis, whichever is earlier. Failure to complete the documentation by 2nd November 2017 will result in cancellation of the registration
    3. No registrations/add-ons will be accepted after 30th October 2017
    4. No onsite registrations would be accepted under whatsoever situation

  3. Age Bar
    1. Individuals below 5 years are not advised to participate in the event
    2. Individuals of age group between 6 and 55 years are advised for the event, subject to medical fitness

  4. Registration Fee
    1. Registration fee must be paid within the deadlines quoted above, post which no member would be allowed to participate in the event. The registration fee does not include any personal expenses during the event, such as fuel, fines, repairs, and other expenses like use of mini bar/laundry services/food & beverage consumption other than or over and above as planned for the event at the location of accommodation or during the travel plus costs or other expenses of any kind
    2. Participation fee: INR 1,40,000 per couple; INR 70,000 for every additional person and INR 80,000 for solo participant. For more details, please write to us at
    3. The charges specified above are for each member in the participating vehicle and includes accommodation on double/triple/quad sharing basis along with breakfast, lunch and dinner at the specified halts and night halts, leisure & other activities like site seeing, basic vehicle service support & equipment and personal accident insurance coverage of a maximum Rs.3,00,000 (Rupees Three lakh only), including hospitalisation services/benefits and visa, permits and other documentation charges
    4. At no point, the event organiser shall be serving alcohol. Neither is it advised to consume alcohol during the expedition to ensure health, safety and wellbeing of the participants
    5. Certain areas in and around Nepal in public areas are observed as "No Smoking" Zone; anyone found smoking needs to pay penalty as per law
    6. It is advised that every vehicle should have at least 2 driving members
    7. The fee can be paid through PayU money (credit card/debit card/net banking) details of which will be shared separately via e-mail

  5. Inclusions:
    1. Accommodation for 9 nights/10 days
    2. All meals are pre-set (buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner/no room service or a la carte)
    3. Renault G.O.D branded merchandise
    4. Activities: Mountain biking, boat riding, local site seeing, cultural dance, etc.
    5. Declaration forms, permits & highway tolls. (declaration forms will be filled and collected by the organisers in advance before reaching the destination)
    6. Immigration process and Driver's Permit process: Every individual has to be physically present for formalities at the visa permit office with Original Papers & validity (RC, Insurance of Car, Pollution Certificate, Driving License, Aadhar Card/ Voter Card)
    7. Limited medical & mechanical service, motorsport experts, lead and sweep cars for convoy management

    1. Any air fare/railway fare/local transfer before or during or after the event
    2. Any additional food ordered during the stay as room service or a-la carte (has to be paid by individual)
    3. Camera/camcorder charges
    4. Porter service at hotels, tips, insurance, laundry, alcohol, telephone charges and all items of personal nature (a la carte/room service, tobacco)
    5. Anything not specifically mentioned in "Inclusions" section are not included in the price
    6. Fuel for complete journey
    7. Medical & life insurance
    8. Any and all costs to reach starting point on 9th November 2017 or after leaving from end point on 17th November once the event is closed

  6. Mandatory Documents
    1. Complete Registration Form
    2. Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate
    3. Signed Indemnity, Waiver & Declaration Form for every participant
    4. Signed PA Policy Form
    5. Authority letter from owner of the vehicle (only if owner is not a participant)
    6. Copy of Insurance policy of the vehicle
    7. Copy of Driver's License (for every participant who would drive during the event)
    8. Copy of Passport/Voter ID for every participant
    9. One (1) photograph of each participant with names written at the back of photographs. Alternatively, a scanned version of the photograph for each participant can be e-mailed at
    10. Medication policy for each individual

  7. Original documents required during the journey
    1. Valid vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
    2. Signed indemnity, waiver & declaration form for every participant
    3. An authority letter from owner of the vehicle (If the owner is not a participant)
    4. Insurance policy of the vehicle with validity
    5. Valid driving license (for every participant who would drive during the event)
    6. Voter ID/Aadhar Card/Passport for every participant or School IDs of children below the age of 17
    7. Valid Pollution Under Control certificate
    8. Three photographs of each participant with names written at the back of the photographs
    9. Mediclaim policy for each individual if available

  8. It is the sole responsibility of the participants to ensure that their documents are in order. They must be valid from the beginning up to, and including, the last day of the event.

  9. Decals/Vehicle Branding

    The members agree to have the Gang of Dusters expedition theme and official event stickers placed on their vehicles at all times during the event. All stickers are non-permanent, easy to remove and will not leave any marks on your vehicle, if removed carefully. The event organisers are, therefore, not responsible for any claims of damage to your vehicle as a result of applying or removing such stickers.

  10. Local Law All participants must drive safely and at all times must obey the specific regulations for each city and country visited. This includes (but is not limited to) speed regulations, highway laws, vehicle safety laws and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol or drugs.

  11. Accommodation Every participant shall be provided a double occupancy room. In case of an additional person, extra bedding would be provided. One room will be allotted to each registered G.O.D member.

  12. Code of Conduct All participants must conduct themselves responsibly, and in an appropriate manner at all times. The consumption of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic and other similar substances are not permitted on the Gang of Dusters expeditions, and will be excluded immediately from the event with no refunds. Hence, you are not allowed to consume alcohol whilst driving, drive whilst under the influence of alcohol (or any other intoxicating substance) or drive if your ability to do so safely is compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition. Any illegal behavior will result in the cancellation of your participation without refund.

  13. Cancellation & Refunds If you fail to complete any part of the route or are unable to continue at any stage of the event, you will not be entitled to a refund.

    1. The Event may be cancelled at any point before commencement or at any stage of the drive due to occurrence of Force Majeure events at any point on the route depending upon the nature, intensity and feasibility of the continuing the event
    2. Refunds, if any applicable, for amendments and/or cancellation will be paid directly to the customer who made bookings
    3. Refunds, in any case would be made after deducting the cancellation charges, penalties, transaction charges, etc., as received by the organisers
    4. The customer/participants must strictly adhere to the payment terms & conditions. If the entire payment is not made on or before 30th October 2017, and if all the mandatory documents are not submitted to the organisers before 2nd November 2017, the customer's booking would be deemed as cancelled and the deposit would be refunded after deducting appropriate cancellation charges, penalties, taxes, etc.

    However, you may claim for refund in case you wish to cancel your participation before the start of the event as per the following timelines.


    Amount deducted per person

    12th October - 18th October 30% of the payment made
    19th October - 23th October 50% of the payment made
    24th October 2017 onwards No Refund

    Participant(s) must call on 0124-6705452 and e-mail at to inform about any cancellation(s).

    Schedule Changes/Cancellation
    The event organisers reserve the right to either change the event schedule or cancel the event at any time. The payment, in such case, shall be credited to your account in two or three business weeks' time. The organisers reserve the right to postpone/cancel the event due to weather, natural calamities or any other reason not fit to hold an event.

  14. Image Rights

    All participants consent to be photographed, and to be included in any filming of the event. Your consent to the use your name, image, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with any and all footage, publicity, social media and related promotional material. Participants are entitled to take photographs and film footage of the event for non-commercial purposes only.

  15. Force Majeure

    The event organiser cannot accept liability or refund money if the event has to be amended or cancelled due to any circumstances outside our control or that we could not foresee or avoid. Such as (but not limited to) war, threat of war, riot or civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions or traffic delays. Neither can the event organisers be held responsible if certain attractions change their opening time or are closed.

  16. Convoy Rules

    Certain rules or procedures need to be practiced when moving in a big convoy. This is to ensure that your fellow drivers are not left behind or lost. These rules are crucial to ensure safety of the participants and the gang members, and to ensure participants arrive at the destination as a group.

    • Prior to departure
      • Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, oil, water well before the run, and is mechanically able to complete the journey. If your vehicle requires additional fuel during the journey, inform the event organiser.

    • Convoy Structure
      1. Convoy Leader
        1. The leader would lead the convoy in the front vehicle and would act as a trip guide too. Convoy leader would play an essential role to ensure the correct direction in terms of routes & roads for the convoy
        2. The leader may pull over somewhere and initiate regroup
        3. The leader will brief the group prior to departure of the destination and planned stoppages
        4. If the convoy is too large to keep together, there may be more than one group formed

      2. Participants' vehicles
        1. It is expected that all participants are courteous to other road users and pedestrians
        2. Speed limits and all traffic rules must be obeyed
        3. Do not pass other convoy vehicles, except in emergency
        4. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
        5. Flash your headlights in case of any trouble
        6. Maintain a safe distance from vehicles, both in front and behind you. If you find that the vehicle behind you has stopped, then you must stop as well
        7. When stopping, move off the road as quickly as possible. Do not stop on the roadway
        8. If you want to go slower than the speed limit or look around the place, inform your leader so that you are not holding up the convoy
        9. While on an off-road drive, the vehicles should take turn one by one when ascending or descending a steep hill or narrow corner
        10. It would be expected that general traffic would at times join or hold up a convoy. It is not essential that all convoy members be strictly together if general traffic has broken the convoy. Provided that members can clearly see and are not excessively behind the immediate vehicle in front, members should continue in that lane and not overtake and risk cutting in front of the vehicle being overtaken

        11. Tail-end Charlie/Sweeper
          1. The sweep vehicle will try and keep visual contact with the convoy leader (if possible)
          2. Use radios or mobiles to contact the leader when necessary
          3. Contact the leader if vehicles at the rear have to travel fast to keep up
          4. Always stay behind the last participant's vehicle in the convoy
          5. Stop to wait if any participant's vehicle stops for any reason
          6. Inform & coordinate with the leader and other crew vehicles in the convoy

  17. Other rules
    1. If a vehicle breaks down or you experience any problems requiring you to pull over and stop, stay with your vehicle and contact the event organiser/convoy leader or sweeper
    2. If you stop, let everyone know the reason and an approximate time you would take
    3. If you see something on the way that you find interesting and want to stop and investigate, please call it to the groups' attention. It is likely that others may want to see the same thing, but have missed
    4. Be on time and be ready to move as per the schedule

  18. Hotel
    1. Accommodation ranging from 3-star to 5-star properties have been handpicked to suit the functional requirements of the itinerary and location of the event
    2. The customer will be liable to make good for any damage(s) caused by any willful/negligent act of the client to the property of the hotel in any manner whatsoever. The extent and the amount of the damage so caused will be as determined by the concerned hotel
    3. Organisers cannot guarantee rooms to all customers in the same hotel/similar view/floor/same category

  19. Itinerary
    1. The organisers have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that a contingency plan is in place
    2. The organisers shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss that a guest might suffer consequent to such a force majeure events or due to his own negligence
    3. The organisers reserve the right to claim any additional expenses because of delays/changes in the itinerary, caused by any reason whatsoever

  20. Vehicles & Participants
    1. Participants must drive only in the Renault DUSTER for the duration of the drive
    2. The organisers shall provide primary medical care and mechanical support with lead and sweep cars, together with experienced expedition leaders, medical and mechanical crew
    3. Customers are expected to bring their own vehicles with all mandatory regulations and the vehicle should be in good working condition. Service support will be provided for basic vehicle breakdown during the journey. Please ensure that the vehicle is serviced and regular consumables like tyres, battery, brake pads, suspension, etc. are not near end of life. It is advised that components like tyres, battery, brake pads, suspensions, etc. which certainly undergo tremendous pressure while being driven on off-road terrains are specifically inspected, examined and tested and replaced if required (before start of the event)
    4. Any damage caused to a customer's vehicle during the event due to his own or other customer's willful/negligent act or on account of disobedience of instructions of the expedition leadership team or non-compliance of preventive and safety measures shall be the sole responsibility and liability of such negligent or disobedient customer/participant
    5. All participants shall strictly adhere to the prescribed itinerary, route, convoy order and instructions of the organisers for the entire duration of the event. Any disobedience to the instructions of the organisers or any rebellious act on the part of the participants will entitle the organisers to remove such disobedient or rebellious customer/participant from the event, forthwith with the use of reasonable force, if required. Such removed customer/participant shall not be entitled to any refunds from the organisers
    6. If, according to the organisers or team member of the organisers, it appears that any act of the customer/participant is or would be against the interest and safety of the expedition team, other participants, vehicles, organisers' property, animal or public in general, the organisers shall have all rights to restrain and remove such customer/s or participant/s from indulging in dangerous acts and may use reasonable force as a last resort
    7. The customers/participants shall take care of their own belongings, luggage, cameras, laptops, e-tablets and other valuables. Any loss of property due to theft, damage, misplacement shall not be claimed from the organisers under any circumstances

  21. Health & Insurance
    1. Customers are liable to disclose any specific medical condition and relevant medical history, especially asthma, heart condition, disability, vertigo, hypertension, allergies. Such customers would require submitting certificate from doctor to travel for such a long drive
    2. Children below 5 years of age and senior citizens over 55 years are not advised for the drive
    3. Customers are advised to undertake any insurance (life/accident/medical) policy deemed necessary during the course of the event
    4. The participation fee does not include the costs towards any life/medical insurance cover. It is mandatory for all customers to procure insurance cover (life and medical) at their end

  22. Terms & Conditions Amendment
    The event organiser reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of the changes and will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by participating in the event.

  23. Violation of Terms & Conditions
    If any participant violates any of the above terms and conditions or refuses to follow the instructions given prior or during the event, he/she may be prohibited from any or further participation in the event.