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Iconic Passion Drive (lucknow- Nepal)

The Gang of Dusters is gearing up for the 2nd international Iconic Passion Drive from Lucknow to Nepal. Get ready to witness adventure at its best as the gang indulges in exciting activities like mountain biking and boating, along with sightseeing and an entertaining cultural night.

Dos & Don'ts

Get ready for the Gang of Dusters: Iconic Passion Drive

things to remember

  1. Do keep your photograph, driving license, passport, vehicle registration certificate, valid pollution certificate, insurance papers (photocopies & originals) for any emergency during the journey
  2. Do make multiple photocopies of documents to be submitted at various check-points (5 copies each)
  3. Do carry along medicines and prescriptions in case you are under medication for some minor illness. Other medicines that you may require under conditions with low oxygen levels or to cater to minor ailments like headache, nausea, vomiting, upset tummy or constipation as prescribed by your family doctor
  4. Do carry clothes and shoes suitable to the weather conditions in Nepal. It is advised to carry woollen clothes, sturdy boots or walking shoes
  5. Do carry moisturiser, lip balms, sun screen lotions and skin nourishing creams in your traveller's kit
  6. Do use sunglasses when outdoors
  7. Do carry an umbrella
  8. Do carry hot water bags and vomit bags
  9. Do carry cash for vehicle fuel, fines, repairs, food & beverage (in case you want anything beyond the event specified menu), laundry service or any other additional personal expenses. (ATM will be available throughout the journey with international transaction charges
  10. Do fill up your vehicle fuel tank fully before reaching Renault dealership on the event day and basis the fuelling schedule
  11. Do get your vehicles serviced well in advance with necessary oiling, water sanitary checks, etc.
  12. Vehicles should have good ground clearance
  13. Do make sure there is no warrant or traffic challan issued in your name before or at the time of journey
  14. Do carry a basic vehicle tool kit, puncture kit which will be helpful in case of vehicle breakdown
  15. Do carry an extra pair of car keys, just in case you misplace it somewhere during the journey
  16. Do carry mobile sim cards of post paid connections of BSNL. However, it is best to buy a SIM card at the border in Sanauli. It costs Rs. 500 and can be procured against a copy of your passport or voter ID or Aadhar card with 2 passport size photographs

Tips for a comfortable trip

  1. Do submit all the necessary documents to the organisers before the event day
  2. Do attend the briefing session before the convoy starts, to learn about the key halt points & emergency signals
  3. Do adhere to timelines/itinerary at all times during the expedition to avoid delays
  4. Do follow the convoy at all times, without deviating from the defined route
  5. Do get in touch with support staff in case you feel unwell and/or wish to withdraw from the event
  6. Do follow traffic rules, use relevant indicators and give vehicles around you required area to manoeuvre
  7. Do refuel your vehicle without fail at commercial fuel pumps en route, after informing the support staff
  8. Do keep a track of your personal belongings; be alert & cautious about the surroundings at all times-during the drive and group activities
  9. Do follow safety instructions pertaining to driving in convoy and varied terrains
  10. Do carry drinking water and dry food when outdoors, though the organisers will be giving basic supplies
  11. Do inform the crew/organisers in case you are not feeling well and wish to return or need medication
  12. Do carry spare batteries for your mobile phone/camera as you would encounter power issues in Nepal
  13. Do take permission before clicking photographs of any person or monument. Photography is restricted in some of the areas in Nepal
  14. Do have a driving partner with you for the entire journey. In case you're unable to continue driving, please get in touch with the crew/organisers

Keen to hear from you

  1. Do share your feedback and suggestions on after you return from the expedition
  2. Do write to us in case you would like to participate in G.O.D expeditions in future
  3. Do let us know your views on how can we make these expeditions more exciting for you
  4. Do connect with us on Renault India Facebook page, #GangofDusters

Things you must avoid

  1. Don't get into any sort of racing or overtaking during the drive
  2. Don't carry alcohol during the journey. This event requires extensive driving hours, and it is highly advisable that participants do not consume liquor at any point during the journey
  3. Don't drive under influence of alcohol
  4. Don't drive under the influence of any medicinal drugs, if you are on any prescribed sedative medicinal drugs, we would advise you to not drive your vehicle
  5. Don't leave your car unlocked during halts for food and/or activities
  6. Don't try routes other than the predefined route mentioned on the map
  7. Don't leave the convoy without informing the support staff
  8. Don't get into any personal arguments with gang members; in case of any discrepancy, contact the support staff
  9. Don't remove/tamper G.O.D randing stickers on your vehicle during the journey
  10. Don't overeat (it sorts out most of gastric troubles)
  11. Don't consume Alcohol

Disclaimer: The above Dos & Don'ts are in the interest of participants travelling for 'Gang of Dusters Iconic Passion Drive' from Lucknow to Nepal. These are defined keeping in mind the safety of every participant and that he/she is able to experience a relaxing journey. These will also help us to serve you better during the expedition. Hence, it is advisable to adhere to the above instructions truly, failing which the organisers would have to expel such participants from continuing the journey.